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NOAH supports industry over farm antibiotic use

27th November 2015

NOAH has supported the animal medicines industry and the responsible use of antibiotics on farms through a letter to The Times published yesterday.
NOAH responded to an earlier letter from the President of the Royal...

New NOAH Compendium now available!

20th November 2015

Marking the unveiling of a special 30th anniversary NOAH logo, the 2016 edition of the NOAH Compendium of Data Sheets for Animal Medicines has been published and a free copy sent to each veterinary practice in the UK...

NOAH speaks at RUMA/VMD Conference — Responsible Use: Ideas Into Action

3rd November 2015

“NOAH is investing in its Compendium to ensure veterinary medicines information is more accessible and easy to use, to support responsible use,” said Chief Executive of the National Office of Animal Health (NOAH), ...

How cosy is your pet?

2nd November 2015

As part of its mission to celebrate healthy, happy pets and, through the website, to encourage owners to seek expert advice on pet healthcare, the National Office of Animal Health (NOAH) is ...