Industry in Focus

What is Industry in Focus?

  • A powerful photography-based campaign presenting a personalised view of animal health issues from a variety of viewpoints
  • A range of perspectives representing what animal health ‘looks like’
  • From a healthy pet, a healthy working or assistance animal or an animal on a farm, to a dynamic working environment in the animal health sector, to a vet in practice through to an animal medicine itself, our campaign will build to create the definitive picture of animal health today
  • We’re excited to be bringing together a range of powerful, emotive and inspiring photographs from across the industry showcasing what animal health means to each and every one of us
  • From livestock to pets, and from life-changing stories to the sheer love we have for animals, every picture paints 1,000 words about the importance of animal health and happiness
  • An overwhelming response from pet owners, to politicians, and from vets to charities, we’re excited for the future of this campaign

Who’s involved?

    • Vets and vet nurses
    • Pet owners
    • Politicians
    • NOAH members
    • Animal charities
    • Industry experts
    • Livestock stakeholders
    • And many more…

Contact or pledge your support for animal health by tweeting @NOAH    #IndustryinFocus