Vaccinations play a key role in preserving animal welfare, productivity, sustainability and resilience of farms, and help keep the nation’s pets protected from disease.

The #VaccinesWork campaign:

  • raises awareness of how and why vaccines work and the range of diseases they protect against
  • reviews and improves how vaccines are stored and administered
  • encourages better uptake of existing vaccines

Research has shown that:

  • Only 53% farmers know the correct temperature for vaccine storage
  • 73% do not have a separate thermometer or data logger
  • Less than 10% check fridge temperatures daily

But if vaccines are not stored correctly, it can make them less effective. Help us share our tips for farmers on storing and using vaccines correctly to make sure every dose counts.

Correct use by farmers is the campaign’s initial focus, but we are not forgetting pets. Vaccine hesitancy is one of the WHO’s top 10 global health threats in 2019, and is translating to the veterinary sector as well, especially in companion animals where the numbers protected by vaccination are falling. This puts our pets at risk.

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