Dogs Bubb and Ching from Cornwall named Britain’s most playful pets!

Nationwide competition set up by National Office of Animal Health with guest judges including the RSPCA

After searching for Britain’s most playful pets as part of its ‘I Heart My Pet’ campaign, the National Office of Animal Health (NOAH) is pleased to announce they’ve found them in Bubb and Ching, two Hungarian Vizslas from Cornwall. The winners were selected from over 430 entries by a panel of judges which included the Mayhew Animal Home and Dr Samantha Gaines, Head of Companion Animals Department (CAD), RSPCA.

Bubb and Ching’s love of walking and searching for their favourite toys caught the judges’ attention during the competition, which ran as part of NOAH’s Happy, Healthy Pets Project — an online gallery aiming to build the UK’s largest ever picture of pet health. Bubb and Ching beat off hundreds of other entries from pet owners across the nation by helping to prove that when it comes to happy and healthy pets, playtime is key.

Bubb and Ching’s proud owner Rose of Cornwall comments:

“Bubb and Ching absolutely love to be out in the fresh Cornish air. If we’re not going for a long walk, we’ll be swimming in the sea or playing hide-and-seek with their favourite toys. I feel that it’s really important that Bubb and Ching are stimulated both in mind and body, so when it’s a lousy day weather-wise we’ll hide their favourite toys in the house for them to find. They really love this game and because they are having to use their brains, it really challenges them and tires them out. They are incredibly active and their energy is a great positive influence. I am thrilled that we can help to educate others about the importance of play for pets’ wellbeing.”

Bubb and Ching’s vet, David Ellis comments:

“When it comes to keeping pets happy and healthy, exercise and diet are key. Bubb and Ching’s owners are very dedicated to their dogs, ensuring they have a balanced diet and plenty of exercise to keep them stimulated, so it’s great to see their efforts being recognised. They also bring them for regular check-ups to make sure they are in the best of health. It’s really important for all owners to do this as it means their pets are in the best condition.”

NOAH Chief Executive, Dawn Howard comments:

“Exercise and play are intrinsic aspects to everyday life for a pet. Without it, pets are likely to become lethargic. This can lead to other issues like obesity which can lead, like with people, to other health problems such as diabetes and heart conditions, not to mention have a negative impact on the pet’s mental wellbeing.

“The outpouring of support for these photo competitions has been overwhelming, and we are glad that the simple act of taking a photo has proven so effective in raising awareness about different facets of pet health.”

Head of CAD, RSPCA, Dr Samantha Gaines comments:

“We chose Bubb and Ching because they look like they are having a great time together in their photo. Their owners are providing regular exercise and activities which allows them to perform natural behaviours and this is an important part of making sure dogs live an enjoyable and healthy life.”

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28 August 2015

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