Four UK pets become calendar stars with National Office of Animal Health’s latest campaign

From a cat to a bearded dragon, pets chosen as the ‘pictures of health’ in nationwide competition

The National Office of Animal Health (NOAH) has turned four UK pets into calendar stars, naming them as winners of its nationwide ‘picture of health’ competition!

Brackie the rabbit, Freya Woof the dog, Izzy the cat and Serj the bearded dragon have beaten off stiff competition from hundreds of pets around the UK, following a nationwide search to find four pet ‘pictures of health’ to appear in the organisation’s 2015 wallchart calendar.

The calendar is part of the ongoing NOAH ‘I heart my pet’ campaign, designed to celebrate the love that UK pet owners feel for their animals and through the website, to encourage them to think about the health of their pets and seek independent, expert animal healthcare advice.

Brackie’s owner, Emily Pang, of Gorseinon, Swansea, is delighted that her pet made the final cut. “I’m extremely delighted that Brackie is a winner of the picture of health competition as she has been a much beloved part of the family for six long years, and we try to give her the best of care to make sure she can stay healthy for several more years to come.

“She has the run of the entire garden during the day which gives her freedom to exercise and play, has access to good quality high-fibre food, lots of fresh hay, and enjoys veggie treats! She is groomed regularly, which keeps her coat looking healthy, and is a spoilt bunny when it comes to love and attention. We couldn’t be happier!”

Freya Woof’s proud owner, Julie from Gloucester proudly comments: “To me pets are family; not property. Although I legally “own” Freya, she has stolen my heart. If I suspect anything is wrong I am straight on the phone to our vet. For the basics like claw clipping and flea treatment, I do these at home myself — I even gave her a complete fur trim with scissors which took two hours as she’s afraid of loud noises!”

Izzy’s owner, Lorna Hulse, of Folkestone, Kent, is equally thrilled that her pet has won the coveted spot: “I’m pleased Izzy has won because now everyone can see how gorgeous she is. Izzy is healthy because she eats good quality cat biscuits, we make time to play every day and she is groomed daily. We comb and brush her coat and make sure her teeth are cleaned often. She also has a portion of protein each day, either fish or meat. Everyone always comments on her gentle nature and glossy soft coat.”

Serj’s owner, Samantha Merkin, of Spennymoor, Durham, happily states: “I am delighted my gorgeous boy Serj won the competition! I make sure he stays healthy by providing him with all the vitamins he needs and having him out of his vivarium as much as possible to make life interesting for him. He has never needed a vet as yet but if he did I would take him to a reptile specialist to make sure he got the best possible care.”

NOAH Chief Executive, Dawn Howard comments: “Our mission is to celebrate how much UK pet owners love their pets and to ensure that UK pets receive get expert pet care advice. Our site will help with its impartial, unbranded information. It’s great to be sharing our latest calendar — full to the brim of happy, healthy pets.

“The site features plenty of fun craft activities as well as tips and ideas for keeping pets happy and healthy all year round. That’s the serious message behind our campaign: to encourage all pet owners to ensure their pet’s healthcare needs are taken care of no matter what the time of year.”

Professor Steve Dean, competition judge and Chairman of the Kennel Club says: “I have always enjoyed looking at photographs of pet animals, especially so when they are so obviously well cared for, enjoying their life and have all the appearance of good health. The photos I chose were simply the very best of many fantastic entries. Well done to everybody who took part!”

27 January 2015

Notes for Editors

  1. For further information on NOAH contact Alison Glennon at NOAH, tel. +44 (0)20 8367 3131, or visit the NOAH website.

  2. The National Office of Animal Health represents the UK animal medicines industry: its aim is to promote the benefits of safe, effective, quality medicines for the health and welfare of all animals.

  3. NOAH’s Pet Health Information (PHI) website gives easy access, immediate, independent advice and was written by veterinary experts. It carries no advertisements and makes no mention of product brands, aims to give sound advice but also promotes the value of expert advice — it encourages owners to go and talk to an expert such as their veterinary surgeon or a pet care specialist.