How cosy is your pet?

The National Office of Animal Health is looking for Britain’s cosiest pet

  • Competition aims to highlight the link between pets and rest and their physical and mental wellbeing
  • Cat naps aren’t just for cats!

As part of its mission to celebrate healthy, happy pets and, through the website, to encourage owners to seek expert advice on pet healthcare, the National Office of Animal Health (NOAH) is launching a new competition to celebrate cosy pets. The campaign is part of NOAH’s ‘Happy, Healthy Pets Project’, designed to build the biggest picture of the UK’s happy, healthy pets.

Pet owners up and down the country are being encouraged to celebrate the importance of pet wellbeing by sharing photos of their cosy pets. Whether they like to snuggle on the sofa, burrow into the blankets or hide in a pile of hay, NOAH wants to see them all! One lucky winner will receive a £250 voucher for pet treats and supplies.

The competition is part of NOAH’s ongoing ‘I Heart My Pet’ campaign — designed to celebrate the love that UK pet owners feel for their animals and, through the website, to encourage them to think about the health of their pets and seek independent, expert animal healthcare advice.

Through the act of snapping and sharing a photograph of cosy pets, NOAH hopes to highlight the importance of keeping pets well-rested and warm in winter — something that is vital to both their mental and physical wellbeing.

NOAH Chief Executive, Dawn Howard comments:

“Rest is a vital part of a pet’s overall wellbeing — mentally and physically — and ensuring that your pet has somewhere suitable to live, rest and hide is one of the five basic welfare needs of pets set out in the Animal Welfare Act. Whilst pets have different levels of energy and require different amounts of exercise, it’s also really important that they have downtime to rest and relax as well as ensuring that they stay warm in the colder winter months. Through the ‘Cosy Pets’ competition we really want to champion the importance of pet wellbeing and the role rest plays in it.”

For more information or to submit photos to the gallery, simply visit Entries uploaded by Monday 30th November 2015 will be eligible to win a £250 voucher for pet supplies and treats (terms and conditions apply). Entrants must ensure they click the pink competition tick-box when uploading their photos.

2 November 2015

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