NOAH’s Industry in Focus campaign is unveiled at the London Vet Show, 2017

NOAH IiF postcard (A6) front

Animal medicines industry body, NOAH, has today (16th November) unveiled its new Industry in Focus campaign showcasing images and stories that have been collected to illustrate what animal health looks like today from a range of perspectives including industry, stakeholders, the political community and the pet-owning public.

Industry in Focus was created by NOAH as an ongoing visual campaign to highlight individual perspectives on what animal health looks like and the issues affecting it. Supported by around 20 hand-picked contributors so far, the campaign has brought together images and stories from politicians, vets, NOAH members, animal charities, industry experts, livestock stakeholders and pet owners.

Contributions have included images of ‘cleaner fish’ and their role as a safe, effective and sustainable form of biological control for salmon; medical detection dogs; assistance animals who improve the quality of life for their owners; and household pets and livestock that play a key role in our lives. Over time, the aim of the campaign is to build the ultimate picture of animal health in the UK through this inspiring, participative campaign, and set out how we can ensure its successful future.

Dawn Howard, NOAH chief executive, says: “We’re delighted to see that so many people are keen to show what animal health means to them. With such breadth of images, it’s fascinating to see so many different perspectives and we look forward to many more.

“Animal health means something very different to each and every one of us. The images showcased through the contributions highlight what a varied and inspiring industry we work in and the passion of the people involved in it.

“The campaign is all about keeping animal health at the forefront of everyone’s minds, not only to celebrate the work that we, as an industry, do to keep animals happy and healthy, but also to address challenges that have the potential to put our animals’ health at risk, and ensure that the UK continues to lead the way for good animal health and welfare.”

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