NOAH comments on the new Agri-Brexit Coalition


Dawn Howard, Chief Executive of NOAH has commented on the association’s role within the new Agri-Brexit Coalition. She said:

“NOAH is very pleased to be a part of the new Agri-Brexit Coalition. We believe it will provide a focal point for Government as the UK’s Brexit strategy is developed and we enter into negotiations on leaving the EU.

There are many specific areas that need to be taken into account in relation to animal medicines to enable the UK to remain a global centre of excellence for animal health, and to support innovative product developments, with a regulatory model that assists both local and international trade.  We have our own stringent regulatory system for example, and we need to make sure that this is set up to encourage innovation and does not impose undue regulatory burden on animal health companies.

There is also much value in working with others. We have been in discussion with our life sciences colleagues, for example, at the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry, and there other organisations such as the veterinary profession where we share much of mutual interest.

Similarly there are many areas we share with our Coalition colleagues: we all want to ensure a thriving, productive UK agricultural sector with good knowledge transfer and technical development on farms. By working together, we can pool resources and give government a combined entry point to expertise to discuss the way forward in this area.”

Notes for Editors

  1. For more information please contact Dawn Howard or Alison Glennon at NOAH on 020 8367 3131 or see

  2. The National Office of Animal Health represents the UK animal medicines industry. Its aim is to promote the benefits of safe, effective, quality medicines for the health and welfare of all animals

  3. To deliver a thriving animal medicines sector, post-Brexit, NOAH has set out a series of priorities that will:

    • Support trade and innovation
    • Safeguard animal health and welfare and public health and food safety; ensuring that UK veterinarians and animal keepers continue to have access to a wide range of appropriate veterinary medicines.
    • Ensure businesses have access to skilled staff – the right workforce they need
    • Incentivise product research and development within a regulatory system which continues to be one of the most stringent in the world – making UK the first choice world-leading regulatory authority
    • Encourage companies to do business in the UK as unnecessary regulatory burdens are recognised and removed
    • Ensure transitional arrangements to support business continuity post EU Exit are built, utilising links with specialist EU infrastructure where necessary
  4. Members of the Agri-Brexit Coalition are:

    • The Agricultural Engineers Association is a trade association representing manufacturers and importers of agricultural machinery and outdoor equipment (horticulture, professional and leisure grass care, and forestry).
    • The Agricultural Industries Confederation (AIC) has over 260 Members in the agri-supply trade and represents £8.0 billion turnover at farmgate. It represents a number of sectors within the agrisupply sector including: Animal Feed; Crop Protection and Agronomy; Fertilisers; Grain and Oilseeds; Seed.
    • The British Society of Plant Breeders (BSPB) represents the companies breeding and marketing agricultural and horticultural crop varieties in the UK. BSPB is the plant breeding industry’s licensing and royalty collection agency, organises statutory and non-statutory crop variety trials and represents the broad interests of its members to support them in their delivery of plant breeding innovation.
    • The Central Association of Agricultural Valuers (CAAV) is a specialist professional body representing, qualifying and briefing over 2700 members practising in a diverse range of agricultural and rural work throughout England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
    • The Crop Protection Association (CPA) is a key voice of the UK Plant Science Industry. We promote the role of modern plant science in safeguarding our food supply from seed to shelf. Our members are involved in the development and manufacture of a wide range of plant science technologies which are of crucial importance to the cultivation and protection of food crops, protecting our gardens, woodlands, infrastructure and public places
    • The Grain and Feed Trade Association (GAFTA) is an international trade association with over 1500 members in 89 countries. Our aim is to promote international trade in agricultural commodities, spices and general produce, and to protect our members’ interests worldwide.
    • The National Association of Agricultural Contractors (NAAC) represents contractors in the UK who supply all types of land-based services to farmers, government, local authorities, sports and recreational facilities.
    • The National Office of Animal Health (NOAH) represents the UK animal medicines industry. Its aim is to promote the benefits of safe, effective, quality medicines for the health and welfare of all animals.