Rabbit brothers Beckett and Brave prove small is beautiful!

Beckett and Brave

Latest competition winner takes their place among almost NOAH’s 2,000-strong gallery of Happy, Healthy Pets

After searching for the pet that represents ‘small is beautiful’, NOAH (the National Office of Animal Health), Rabbit Welfare Association Fund (RWAF) and Small Furry Animals Magazine are pleased to announce they’ve found it – or them – in Beckett and Brave, Rex Rabbit brothers from Newquay, Cornwall.

Beckett and Brave caught the attention of the judges during the competition, which ran as part of NOAH’s Happy, Healthy Pets Project – an online gallery aiming to build the UK’s largest ever picture of pet health. Following its launch in 2015, the Happy Healthy Pets Project now stands at almost 2,000 fantastic images of much-loved pets from all over the UK, making the gallery, on www.pethealthinfo.org.uk, the biggest of its kind.

The rabbit brothers beat off hundreds of other entries from proud pet owners across the nation with their tiny features.

Beckett and Brave’s proud owner, Kelly Daugherty said:

“I’m so happy that our little bunny buddies won the competition!! As house rabbits they have the freedom of most of the house which is good for them to have their own space, which they love. They go outside regularly but they definitely love the home comfort and have each other as companions and friends. Making sure they have a healthy balanced diet is very important and they are much happier for it. It’s also important to keep them entertained as they can get bored. So to have ‘boredom breakers’ is necessary like a tube and toys, or even something as simple as a toilet roll stuffed with hay or a treat keeps them happy. The boys will be ecstatic with all of their treats and we are so grateful.”

NOAH Chief Executive, Dawn Howard commented:

“We’re delighted to have received so many responses for our latest competition; Beckett and Brave really do prove that Small is Beautiful! Through this competition, we have been reinforcing the fact that small actions can make a big difference when it comes to pet healthcare – like vaccination and regular veterinary check-ups. Big or small, it’s important that all animals are given an environment where they can live happily and healthily and it’s encouraging to see so many pictures on our gallery of pets doing just that.”

Rae Todd, Chief Executive of the Rabbits Welfare Association & Fund said:

“We are thrilled that Beckett and Brave won!  Their owners have got everything right in terms of their housing, diet and companionship and they are a brilliant example of small being not just beautiful, but also intelligent, active and complicated!”

David Alderton, Editor of Small Furry Pets Magazine who worked closely with NOAH and RWAF in helping to judge the entries, commented:

“I really enjoyed helping to judge the Small is Beautiful competition. It was heartening to see so many pictures of such happy, heathy and beautiful looking pets – especially small furries. The essence of the project was truly captured with these submissions as I always feel a good photo should draw you in and encourage you to consider the image, rather than simply looking pretty. It’s wonderful to see that the UK’s pet owners are taking such great care of their pets and paying attention to their healthcare needs.”

For more information or to submit photos to NOAH’s Happy, Healthy Pets Gallery, simply visit www.pethealthinfo.org.uk.