Understanding medicines — new NICE antibiotic guidelines support the importance of addressing misconceptions

The National Office of Animal Health supports the need for people to understand about antibiotics, so that they see the importance of using them properly.

In new antibiotic guidelines published on 18 August, the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE) reiterated the need for GPs to stick to their guns and not prescribe antibiotics to satisfy patient demand when they are not needed.

“We fully support the need for responsible prescribing, both by doctors and the veterinary profession”, says NOAH chief executive Dawn Howard.

“On the veterinary side, NOAH has been very actively involved with responsible use initiatives, such as the RUMA Alliance, which publishes guidelines supporting responsible use and has produced an action plan on livestock antimicrobial resistance to implement Government strategy.

“We also welcome the importance attached by NICE to public understanding of how antimicrobial resistance happens, so they can understand why in some instances an antibiotic is not appropriate, and why if prescribed, they need to be used in accordance with instructions. This applies to people talking to their vet as well as to their doctor.

“Through its series of consumer studies undertaken by the IGD, NOAH has been working hard to identify what people think and what kind of messages can best help correct misconceptions and address any concerns about animal medicine use,” she adds.

19 August 2015

For information on RUMA see www.ruma.org.uk

Notes for Editors

  1. For further information contact Alison Glennon at NOAH at a.glennon@noah.co.uk

  2. The National Office of Animal Health represents the UK animal medicines industry. Its aim is to promote the benefits of safe, effective, quality medicines for the health and welfare of all animals.

  3. For details of NOAH’s consumer attitude study undertaken by IGD see 2015 NOAH Press Briefing Presentation IGD

  4. NOAH’s video ‘Dispelling consumer myths’ appears here Dispelling the myths of animal medicines in food production