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Renewing your Individual Registration for 2021

If an animal medicine company is not maintaining your register entry, you have the opportunity to retain membership of the scheme as an individual for 2021 by paying the 2021 NCAH Registration yourself. If you do opt to pay the fee as an individual you will be included on the register and sent the 2021 NCAH ID card (when available). The individual membership fee is £51 inclusive of VAT for 2021. If you have not been sent your form to update please can you email Jenny George-Town at j.george-town@noah.co.uk and you will be sent a renewal email and invoice.

Background to the NOAH Certificate of Animal Health

All responsible animal medicines sales representatives need to be fully equipped to give support to the prescribers and sellers of animal medicines that they visit.  All NOAH member companies (and non-members participating in the NOAH Data Sheet Compendium) must ensure their staff are appropriately trained to do this.

It is a requirement of both NOAH membership and participation in the NOAH Compendium that all companies’ sales representatives involved in the direct technical selling of medicines (other than those on general sale i.e. AVM-GSL medicines) appear on the NCAH register and have taken the NOAH Certificate of Animal Health (NCAH) examination within two years of joining the industry.

The animal medicines industry has long recognised the need to train those people that work within it. Since 1974, NOAH’s Code of Practice for the Promotion of Animal Medicines has required staff to be trained.

In addition to manufacturing companies’ own training schemes for their sales teams, it was agreed that an independent industry qualification should be established to demonstrate to their customers, the regulatory authorities and the government that animal medicines were being sold in a responsible way.

In 1991, NOAH and AMTRA (the Animal Medicines Training Regulatory Authority) launched the qualification that was to become the NCAH as The Animal Medicine Manufacturers’ Sales Staff Register.

In 2010 the qualification came under the control of NOAH and was renamed the NCAH with the establishment of the NCAH register of qualified representatives.

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Rules and fee structure for NOAH Certificate of Animal Health register

  1. All persons employed in the direct technical selling of veterinary medicines are required to pass the NCAH examination as detailed in clause 11.1 of the NOAH Code of Practice for the Promotion of Animal Medicines. Individuals who hold a degree in veterinary medicine and who are eligible to enter the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons register are not required to sit the examination to remain on the register. Holders of other relevant degrees will not receive exemptions from sitting the examination as a result of having these qualifications.
  2. In normal circumstances, representatives are required to attempt the examination within 2 years of joining the animal medicines industry. They must pass the examination within 3 years of joining the animal medicines industry.
  3. If a grandfather qualified representative allows their register entry to lapse by not paying the annual registration fee, they are not required to sit and pass the NCAH examination in order to re-join and remain on the NOAH register of representatives.
  4. If an individual who has passed the examination, or a grandfather qualified representative, allows their qualification to lapse, they will not be required to re-sit the examination in order to rejoin the register. They will be required to pay a ‘re-registration’ fee. This fee will be double the registration fee for the calendar year in question. This rule has been in force since 1 January 2012.
  5. NOAH will not release information to member companies on whether an individual has obtained the NCAH without first receiving from the individual written consent to this information being released. Data protection rules apply to the information NOAH holds in relation to the NCAH.
  6. Fee structure
    • Initial registration fee: £275. Covers entry on the register until the end of the calendar year in which the enrolment is made, the examination fee and the cost of the training manual.
    • Annual registration fee: payable by both students and representatives who have passed the examination. This fee is currently £51 per annum. Any changes to the fee will be advised in the re-registration document, sent out annually.

Examination re-sit fee: Should an individual fail the NCAH examination and wishes to re-sit the exam, a re-sit fee of £150 will be payable.

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Registration with NOAH

To register for the NCAH, complete the NCAH enrolment form. On receipt you/they  will be entered on to the NCAH Register of representatives (with a ‘student’ status) once NOAH has received payment you/they will be sent the full training manual syllabus, and an (ID) Registered NCAH card, with the register entry number (the M number: needed when applying for the exam with Harper Adams).

Harper Adams University will also provide candidates with access to their Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) known as ‘The Learning Hub’. This interactive online resource will contain additional tools to assist with their studies.

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Course and examinations

A new course and examination was launched in April 2016. The new course and examination is worth 15 academic credits consisting of one module (no optional modules, as was the case with the previous syllabus).  Candidates for any given examination date wishing to have external training (see below) will all attend the same module delivered at Harper Adams University and sit one written examination on the syllabus.

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Optional training takes the form of professional short courses which take place at Harper Adams University. The dates of the training courses for 2021 are below. Attendance at a training course is not a mandatory requirement i.e. a candidate may choose to prepare for the examination entirely by self-study if they wish.

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Assessment of the NCAH will be by way of a written examination which takes take place at Harper Adams University, Newport, Shropshire (see link to directions here). The pass mark is 40%, which candidates will be required to achieve in order to be awarded the NCAH.

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Registering for professional short course module with Harper Adams

Each candidate will receive a hard copy of the entire training manual. (At the moment we can only email copies of the PDF manual).

Candidates are required to complete a separate form to be sent to Harper Adams University to register for the course. If you require any help completing this form please contact Harper Adams University short courses office (details below).

The registration, payment and all arrangements for these courses are handled by the Short Courses office at Harper Adams University.

Queries can also be directed to Jenny George-Town (j.george-town@noah.co.uk ) or Donal Murphy (d.murphy@noah.co.uk ).

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NCAH course and examination dates

The course and examination dates are as follows:



As you are aware due to the current COVID 10 situation Harper Adams University had to cancel all their physical courses and exams for 2020. We have been working with Harper Adams university to develop options for online training and assessment. We are pleased to say that this will be available from 1st January 2021.  The plan for online training and assessment is as follows:

  • Harper Adams will deliver pre-recorded lectures with support via online Q and A forum, plus lecturer email contact details.
  • This will be available in the online format for 2 months- from 01/01/2021 until 28/02/2021, for those candidates who register for the online course.
  • This material will be made available again later in 2021 for future groups of students.
  • The exam paper will then be published in March 2021 with candidates then given 1 month to complete the online exam which will be in an ‘Open book format’. This type of exam format is being widely used at Universities across the UK during the COVID pandemic.
  • Candidates will need to register in the usual way with Harper Adams by completing their ‘Registration form’ (Link- https://www.harper-adams.ac.uk/courses/short-course/86/noah-certificate-of-animal-health ). You can also contact Harper Adams by emailing animalswd@harper-adams.ac.uk.
  • The fees charged to representatives for access to the online course will be £625.
  • Harper Adams will send registered candidates a log-in for the online material and they will also provide an IT helpdesk for any queries.
  • If you have any queries please contact Jenny Georgetown (j.george-town@Noah.co.uk ) or Donal Murphy (d.murphy@Noah.co.uk )


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Enrolment and exam booking forms

Candidates are required to register with NOAH to receive a training manual and to be registered as students on the NCAH register. Please use this form and submit this to NOAH.

Candidates are required to register for courses and examinations with Harper Adams University. Please use this form to register. The deadline for registering for examinations is 1 month before the examination takes place. Please note that this form must be sent to Harper Adams University and not the NOAH office.

Contact details for Harper Adams University at the bottom of the page.

For more information on NCAH enrolment please contact Jenny George-Town at NOAH on 020 8367 3131, fax 020 8363 1155, or email j.george-town@noah.co.uk

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Key contacts at Harper Adams University

In order to ensure any incoming queries or matters from staff or students involved with the NCAH course and exams get dealt with promptly please direct your enquiry to animalswd@harper-adams.ac.uk .

OR you can reach Harper Adams University Short Courses office on the following telephone numbers:

01952 815076
01952 815485
01952 815059
01952 815042

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Press releases

1 October 2020 – Top students celebrated at NOAH’s First Virtual Presentation

17 June 2019 – Top students recognised at NOAH’s annual Members’ Day
27 June 2018 – Top students rewarded at NOAH’s Annual Members’ Day
27 June 2017 – Top students rewarded at NOAH’s first Members’ Day

2018 top NCAH students: Kerry Gorham, Elanco Animal Health; Emily Wilton, Nimrod Veterinary Products; Cara Watson, Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health; Donal Murphy, Head of Technical and Regulatory Affairs, NOAH; Victoria Chadwick, MSD Animal Health; Catherine Watkins, Virbac; Adam Goode, Virbac

2018 top NCAH students: Kerry Gorham, Elanco Animal Health; Emily Wilton, Nimrod Veterinary Products; Cara Watson, Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health; Donal Murphy, Head of Technical and Regulatory Affairs, NOAH; Victoria Chadwick, MSD Animal Health; Catherine Watkins, Virbac; Adam Goode, Virbac


Overall NCAH top student Emily Wilton, Nimrod Veterinary Products with Jamie Brannan, NOAH Chair

Overall NCAH top student Emily Wilton, Nimrod Veterinary Products with Jamie Brannan, NOAH Chair

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