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MSD Animal Health UK found in breach of the NOAH Code of Practice for the Promotion of Animal Medicines

21st January 2021

The NOAH Code of Practice on the Promotion of Animal Medicines Committee met to hear Case 302/12/20.

This case was brought by Boehringer Ingelheim against MSD Animal Health UK regarding promotional material for Bravecto

AgriSupply Industry Coalition – a vital role in success of UK agriculture

20th January 2021

The key role which the agricultural supply sector has to play for farming’s new future was underlined in a meeting between Victoria Prentis, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Defra and the AgriSupply Coalition.

UK/EU trade deal and animal health – NOAH comment

8th January 2021

NOAH has previously welcomed the free trade agreement between the UK and EU. This comment provides more background on aspects of the agreement relevant to our sector

Animal health and welfare protected during latest English and Scottish lockdown

5th January 2021

Access to veterinary services and treatments will still be available during the national lockdowns in England and Scotland, confirms NOAH. They will also be available under the Welsh and NI arrangements.