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The animal health and medicines industry is high-value, high-growth, high-skilled and invaluable to the UK’s fast-developing life sciences sector. NOAH represents around 97% of the UK animal medicines market and its members range from small businesses to some of the world’s largest animal health companies. They make a significant contribution to developing the UK as a global scientific superpower. Our members already directly support over 4,000 highly skilled jobs in the fields of science, research and innovation across the UK.

NOAH, and the animal health industry itself, plays a core role as part of the UK’s wider life sciences sector. Our members are at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge innovations. These include new vaccines to prevent disease, diagnostic tools, digital technologies for livestock and pets, as well as real-time monitoring and surveillance of livestock to catch the first signs of any ill health.

As with the human medicine sector, the UK is also witnessing major developments in the animal health industry as companies look to harness new technologies. Animal health companies have recognised the potential of digital technologies and are using them to improve the health of animals and their relationships with customers.

NOAH works to ensure that the benefits of these major technological developments in the animal health industry are felt across the UK. This cutting-edge work has the potential to prevent animal diseases and also ensures that animals can be diagnosed and treated with greater accuracy. This helps build resilience for the UK farming sector which enables more sustainable farming, better health and welfare for farm animals, as well as longer and healthier lives for pets in our homes.

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