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The National Office of Animal Health (NOAH) represents the UK animal medicines industry: its aim is to promote the benefits of safe, effective, quality medicines for the health and welfare of all animals.

NOAH supports industry over farm antibiotic use
NOAH has supported the animal medicines industry and the responsible use of antibiotics on farms through a letter to The Times published on 26 November 2015.

NOAH responded to an earlier letter from the President of the Royal Society of Medicine and other academics calling for “political action against the overuse of antibiotics in farming.” (The Times, 23 November 2015).

The medical experts made a number of inaccurate points about the use of veterinary medicines which NOAH’s chief executive, Dawn Howard, has refuted.
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All Party Parliamentary Group on Antibiotics report on ‘Non-human use of Antibiotics’ fails to recognise good work already done in animal health - NOAH
The National Office of Animal Health (NOAH) has commented on the publication of the report published by the All Party Parliamentary Group on Antibiotics (APPG): “Non-human uses of antibiotics: time to restrict their use?”

NOAH believes this report fails to recognise the steps that have already been taken by vets and farmers to prevent disease and minimise antibiotic use on farms where possible. 
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NCAH: 2016 dates and information about NOAH's qualification for sales representatives
The details about revisions to the NCAH award, and dates for 2016 training and examinations at Harper Adams University are now available 
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Blossom the chicken from Milton Keynes and 10-year-old Aimee Doe named the nation’s best pet friends!

After searching for Britain’s best pet friends as part of its ‘I Heart My Pet’ campaign, the National Office of Animal Health (NOAH) is pleased to announce they’ve found it in Blossom, a chicken from Milton Keynes, and 10-year-old Aimee Doe. Blossom and Aimee’s friendship caught NOAH’s attention during the competition, which ran as part of the association’s Happy, Healthy Pets Project – an online gallery aiming to build the UK’s largest ever picture of pet health. Their friendship beat hundreds of other entries from proud pet owners across the nation by helping to prove that when it comes to happy and healthy pets, strong relationships are key. 
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NOAH manifesto calls for support for older people with pets and “evidence-based decisions” on future legislation
The National Office of Animal Health (NOAH)'s animal health manifesto highlights why the UK animal medicines industry is important to society and the economy, and asks MPs to:

- Contact MEP colleagues and write to the new Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs to voice support for new EU regulations and changes that will increase availability of medicines for animal health and welfare

- Ensure future decisions made by all governments are based on robust scientific evidence and not myths about the use of animal medicines in the food chain

- Support efforts to change the law so that 140,000 older people every year are not forced to give up their pet when they enter supported accommodation
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New NOAH Code of Practice for the Promotion of Animal Medicines
26th edition comes into force 1 December 2015
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Understanding medicines – new NICE antibiotic guidelines support the importance of addressing misconceptions
The National Office of Animal Health supports the need for people to understand about antibiotics, so that they see the importance of using them properly.
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NOAH charity fundraising for Therapaws

Thanks to the attendees at the NOAH Dinner, NOAH chief executive Dawn Howard was able to present a cheque for 3865 to support the TheraPaws project, run by Mayhew Animal Home.

NOAH video highlights importance of our pets

The National Office of Animal Health (NOAH) has produced a new video highlighting the importance of pets in supporting the wellbeing of their owners.

The health benefits of having a pet are well proven and the subject is a central theme in NOAH’s 2015 animal health manifesto.
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More NOAH films, including the video 'Challenging consumer myths' are available on the The UK NOAH YouTube channel.

MSD Animal Health found in breach of NOAH Code on promotion
At its meeting on 12 June 2015, the NOAH Code of Practice Committee, chaired by Mr Guy Tritton, heard one case. MSD Animal Health was found to be in breach of 6 of the 8 items under complaint; 3 by concession of the Respondent and 3 by adjudication by the Committee.
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