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NOAH launches new three-step blueprint for animal health and welfare

18th June 2018

NOAH is today launching its new three-step blueprint to encourage responsible animal health and welfare across the UK. The campaign will kick off with the release of a new infographic outlining how good animal health is

NOAH is pleased to support the UK Food Supply Chain Manifesto

29th May 2018

NOAH is proud to be a signatory to the UK Food Chain Manifesto, drawn up by organisations the length and breadth of the food chain, representing farmers and their suppliers, through to food manufacturers and retailers.

Our CODE of practice

NOAH’s Code of Practice for the Promotion of Animal Medicines ensures those viewing animal medicine promotions can have confidence in the accuracy of the information they include.


NOAH’s Pet Health Info website offers independent, expert animal health advice to enable owners and potential owners to make decisions about their pet’s healthcare.

Our Qualification

The NOAH Certificate of Animal Health (NCAH) ensures that NOAH members’ representatives possess the veterinary and technical knowledge to present information on their company's products accurately and responsibly.