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Dawn Howard spends an evening with StreetVet outreach team

On 11th August NOAH Chief Executive, Dawn Howard, spent an evening with the StreetVet outreach team in Cambridge. She met 9 year old Jasper who was very happy to see the vets but heard from his owner who was worried about what will happen to him when she goes into hospital for surgery – no emergency kennel space available, no friends and family to take him – this is a problem the StreetVet volunteers try to help with but depend on goodwill as there is no support available.

Topics discussed ranged from owner compliance problems with such a mobile community to StreetVet experiencing problems attracting volunteers as vets are so stressed and cant face more veterinary work at the end of the day.

On a positive note, it was clear that the outreach team have built a good rapport with the local homeless community, who know where to find them for routine or emergency care and their dogs certainly look forward to treats and fuss whilst having a check-up! StreetVet is currently NOAH’s charity for 2022

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