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National Pet Month 2023: help and support for pet owners feeling the pinch

Next month, during National Pet Month (NPM), NOAH and UKPetFood will be working together to share help and advice to support pet owners in these challenging times.

Our pets are a source of joy and support, but NOAH’s recent survey shows that rising living costs are having an impact on some owners feeling able to care for their pets as they would like to. Overall, attitudes about pet ownership remain positive, showing the value pets play in our lives, but some groups are tending to struggle a bit more. These include pet owners aged between 16-34, those who describe themselves as having been highly affected by the cost-of-living crisis and those who may have additional responsibilities like a member of their household having a vulnerable immune system.

These finding are echoed by latest BVA Voice of the Veterinary Profession survey which reveals that almost all (99%) of vets across the UK have seen pets in the last 12 months who should have been brought to them for treatment earlier. This represents a significant increase of almost 20% since 2018 and equates to an estimated 1 in 5 pets not receiving timely treatment. When asked about the main reasons for the delay, 91% vets reported financial reasons as a key factor.

Based around the five key welfare needs of our pets – Companionship, Behaviour, Diet, Health and Environment – National Pet Month will spotlight expert advice on how to care for a pet companion responsibly, within your budget.

Throughout April, pet owners can tune into NPM Live broadcasts via social media and follow the campaign blogs on the NPM website. There will be pointers to the support that’s out there – sometimes just one conversation with a vet or pet professional can make a positive difference for owners and their animal companions.

To get involved in #NationalPetMonth – April 1-May 1, follow NPM social channels and share your pet stories.

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