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NOAH statement on pet vaccine availability

It is widely recognised that there has been an increase in the population of dogs and cats in the UK. Furthermore, due to the pandemic and lockdowns, there was some disruption to the normal routine of regular vaccination appointments.

This has meant that increased demand in 2021 has put a strain on the supplies of vaccines for pets, particularly cats, beyond the amount predicted. With the welfare of our pets in mind, many vets are needing to prioritise those animals that are potentially more vulnerable, such as kittens needing their initial primary course of vaccines. Like during the first lockdown when many vets were unable to arrange appointments for routine boosters, this may mean that owners may be asked to delay getting their animal’s booster, to ensure primary vaccinations can be fulfilled.

Producing vaccines is a precise, regulated process with many checks to ensure full safety, quality and efficacy of every batch. Vaccine manufacturers continue to operate at full capacity to increase supply to the market. They are working closely with veterinary surgeons to ensure supplies are available for the most vulnerable pets.

NOAH supports the veterinary profession: the overall welfare of our pets is paramount and we ask owners to work with their veterinary surgeon and take their advice on vaccination scheduling for their pets.

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