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Animal vaccination a priority post-pandemic, says NOAH, because #VaccinesWork

Today is World Animal Vaccination Day so NOAH has chosen today to launch this year’s #VaccinesWork campaign. A recent survey shows people know vaccination is good for animal health and that having healthy animals benefits us and our environment. Our campaign will highlight the importance of innovation to produce new vaccines.  Equally, it will explain how we need to work together to improve the uptake of the vaccines already available to protect UK animals.

The survey found very good awareness of what vaccines do and their benefits. People agreed that they should be used regularly in our pets and farm animals, with 79% agreeing farm animals should be vaccinated regularly. For pets this was even higher at 81%.

Importantly, 69% supported the use of new technologies for animal vaccinations, paving the way to innovation, research and development, to protect the health of UK animals.

NOAH Chief Executive Dawn Howard said: “The COVID-19 pandemic has shone a spotlight on the importance of vaccination in helping to protect us from disease and to reduce the transmission of infection. It has shown how industry can work alongside others to address threats from emerging diseases – it has undoubtedly helped improve public understanding of the importance of vaccination.

“Our industry can respond to emerging animal diseases, helping slow or even halt their transmission, including through the development of new, innovative vaccines. With the forthcoming review of the UK veterinary regulatory process later this year, we have an opportunity to ensure the UK can incentivise innovation, product research and development, including for novel vaccines.

“But we already have access to a wide range of vaccines to tackle existing endemic diseases, for both farm animals and pets. Vaccines have already changed the face of disease prevention like no other discovery. Despite people’s awareness of benefits, not every animal is protected, and we will be working to help increase the number of animals that are, to improve their welfare and quality of life.

“As we move into a new phase of the pandemic, it is right that animal vaccination should be a priority in the UK and globally. Because after all, #VaccinesWork,” she said.

Notes for Editors

  1. For further information contact Alison Glennon at NOAH on 07510062566, email

  2. NOAH represents the UK animal health industry. It promotes the benefits of safe, effective, quality products and services for the health and welfare of all animals.

  3. NOAH is a member of AnimalhealthEurope, which represents 12 of Europe’s leading manufacturers of animal medicines and 17 national associations in 19 countries, covering 90% of the European Market.

  4. AnimalhealthEurope commissioned Produkt+Markt to carry out an online survey among citizens in the UK, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland and Spain. The target group was a representative and balanced sample of citizens in terms of regional distribution, gender and age (>18 years), and counted 6,000 respondents (1,000 per country – Sweden, Norway and Denmark combined). The survey focused on topics covering the right to receive medicines, animal welfare, disease prevention and cure, as well as zoonoses, food safety and general awareness.

  5. Details of the overall European statistics are available from AnimalhealthEurope here

  6. World Animal Vaccination Day on 20 April is an initiative of the global animal health association HealthforAnimals and the World Veterinary Association, occurring annually. HealthforAnimals represents the animal health sector: manufacturers of veterinary pharmaceuticals, vaccines and other animal health products throughout the world, as well as the associations that represent companies at national and regional level, such as NOAH.

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