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NOAH supports PetsScore’s mission to make pet-friendly rentals a reality across UK

NOAH has announced its support for the mission of a technology start-up seeking to widen access to pets for responsible pet owners in rented accommodation.

PetsScore, founded by entrepreneur Natasha Homer-Earley, is an on-demand pet referencing platform which helps renters with pets gather online references, that can be shared with Landlords, Letting Agents or even an Airbnb host, to help that pet owner rent more easily.

The platform consolidates all the reference data, on issues that landlords often report as important to them, such as nuisance noise, damage, and tenant responsibility, into a unique score, so landlords can see at a glance the upside or downside of an individual tenant and their pet.

Critically, a PetsScore recalculates and updates in real-time, based on any new references or data uploaded to the platform, such as, for example, from the owner of a property where the pet owner has previously stayed. This ensures that property owners are empowered to make fully informed decisions about whether to accept a rental application.

NOAH shares PetsScore’s goal of making pet-friendly rentals more accessible in the UK, having launched its own campaign ‘Securing the Right to Rent with Pets’ in April 2021. At present, just 7% of properties on the UK rental market are advertised as pet-friendly. NOAH welcomes PetsScore’s solution to making property owners more confident in allowing pets in their homes.

PetsScore founder, Natasha Homer-Earley, started the business after struggling herself to find a pet-friendly rental with her 4-year-old dog, Daisy. Natasha said: “We want to be a force for change in a market traditionally wary of tenants with pets – making it easier for landlords to assess and measure, in a few clicks, the potential risk of a would-be tenant’s cat or dog.

“NOAH’s support means a huge amount to us as they too campaign passionately on this issue which affects the quality of life, mental wellbeing and happiness of millions of Brits across the country.”

Dawn Howard, NOAH’s Chief Executive, said: “NOAH believes that improving the ability to share our lives with companion animals benefits both people and animals – not only are the health and wellbeing benefits of keeping pets significant for us, but widening access to pet ownership also means fewer animals are left without homes, and are able to live happy, healthy lives with their human companions.  

Renting in the UK with a pet is extremely challenging, with a small number of properties on the rental market advertised as pet friendly. We launched our campaign, ‘Securing the Right to Rent with Pets’ earlier this year and are delighted to support PetsScore’s technology as a welcome step towards making this a reality.”

Pet rentals are a particular problem for millennials nationwide. 33% of people in this age range reaching 40 will now rent for life – a major problem when the same age group account for 45% of the global growth in pet ownership. In the UK at present, there are over 5 million renters with pets. But only a fraction of rentals, just 119,000 will accept a pet.

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