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NOAH is pleased to support the UK Food Supply Chain Manifesto

NOAH is proud to be a signatory to the UK Food Chain Manifesto, drawn up by organisations from the length and breadth of the food chain, representing farmers and their suppliers, through to food manufacturers and retailers.

Gaynor Hillier, NOAH Chair, said: “Healthy food comes from healthy animals, and our industry is an integral part of the UK’s food and farming sector, worth at least £112bn to the UK economy and employing around 4 million people. The medicines NOAH members produce help ensure the high-welfare, traceable and affordable food from animals mentioned in the Manifesto that the British public expect.”

With little more than 10 months to go before Brexit, the Manifesto emphasises the importance of ensuring the UK’s departure from the EU does not undermine our food production and supply sectors in the UK.

Ms Hillier added: “Our businesses need certainty to be able to plan for the future. We support the recent Government proposals to incentivise methods of farming that reduce animal disease and monitor animal health and welfare. In order for the real improvements to animal health and welfare that can be made by increasing the use of a range of preventative and supportive medicines, such as vaccines and pain relief medicines, we need to ensure continuity of supply, in the short and longer term, as we leave the EU.

“The manifesto warns that if the food chain as a whole is not championed, Brexit will be bad for the country’s landscape, the economy and wider UK society. But, get this right, and we can all contribute to a successful future,” she said.

Notes for Editors

  1. For further information contact Dawn Howard or Alison Glennon at NOAH on 020 8367 3131, email or see

  2. The principles set out in the manifesto are:

    • to maintain free and frictionless trade with our major trading partner, the EU, and secure the benefits of existing EU preferential trade arrangements, at least until Government can replace them with acceptable alternative arrangements;
    • to ensure ongoing access to an adequate supply of permanent and seasonal labour;
    • to continue to promote food production through agricultural policy alongside our existing high environmental, health and animal welfare standards; and
    • to ensure businesses operate under an efficient and proportionate regulatory system that is centred on scientific evaluation and that incentivises innovation and competitiveness

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