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UK and NZ animal health associations welcome regulatory co-operation

The animal health associations in the UK (NOAH) and New Zealand (Agcarm) have welcomed the publication by the countries’ regulatory agencies of guidance that will enable simultaneous review of animal medicine marketing authorisation applications in the two countries.

Arising from discussions between the UK’s Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD) and New Zealand’s Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI), the guidance document ‘United Kingdom-New Zealand Regulatory Cooperation: Guidance on Veterinary Medicines Simultaneous Reviews’ will serve as the foundation to enable these simultaneous reviews to happen.

This comes as a far-reaching trade deal has also been announced between the two countries, which includes an animal welfare chapter with a clear statement that animals are recognised as sentient beings. Provisions include a commitment to increased bilateral cooperation, as well as working together in international fora to enhance animal welfare standards.

Dawn Howard, NOAH Chief Executive said: “NOAH’s priorities for all international trade negotiations have included a call for regulatory authorities to collaborate. We welcome this agreement as a way to reduce regulatory burden by having a single approach and common timeframes for the assessment of marketing authorisation submissions and complementing rather than replacing our own regulatory frameworks and technical guidelines. We are confident our members will find this useful in encouraging greater innovation and improve accessibility of medicines for animals in both countries, critical to the benefit of their health and welfare.”

Mark Ross, Chief Executive of Agcarm, said: “New Zealand’s animal health and food safety will be major beneficiaries of this ground-breaking agreement with the United Kingdom. These joint reviews offer veterinary medicine manufacturers an opportunity to simultaneously access major markets – maximising efficiencies and building stronger global collaboration. Our goal is supporting faster access to new medicines and expanding disease treatment options to manage animal health and welfare. We welcome this new working relationship with the United Kingdom and congratulate all those who made it happen.”

For further information please contact Alison Glennon, NOAH or Dominique Bray, AGCARM

Notes for Editors

  1. NOAH represents the UK animal health industry. It promotes the benefits of safe, effective, quality products and services for the health and welfare of all animals.

  2. Agcarm is the industry association that represents crop protection, animal health and rural supplier businesses in New Zealand.  Agcarm members distribute and sell the majority of veterinary medicines and crop protection products in New Zealand.  Agcarm members promote responsible use of products right through the product life cycle, from research to disposal.


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