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NOAH Congratulates Incoming Labour Government, Looks Forward to Working Together on Animal Health

NOAH (National Office of Animal Health) extends its warmest congratulations to the Labour Party on their successful election and the formation of the new government. NOAH is looking forward to working closely with the incoming administration to advance the health and welfare of animals across the United Kingdom. 

Dawn Howard, NOAH Chief Executive said, “we are optimistic about the future of animal health and welfare under the new Labour government.  

“NOAH was very encouraged to see Keir Starmer’s Labour Party prioritising animal welfare, food security, and farming sustainability in its manifesto during the campaign.  

“We know from experience, and the evidence, that veterinary medicines are key to achieving positive outcomes in all these areas and we look forward to working with the new government to succeed in delivering the tangible results they want to see.” 

The commitments made by the Labour Party during their campaign resonate strongly with the objectives outlined in NOAH’s Animal Health Manifesto. As the new government takes office, NOAH is eager to engage in productive dialogue and partnerships to implement key initiatives outlined in our Animal Health Manifesto 2024 which include: 

  1. An innovative regulatory framework: Regulation that future-proofs the development of novel products and safeguards the accessibility of safe and effective animal medicines across Great Britain and Northern Ireland. 
  1. Championing One Health solutions: Improve collaboration and partnership between human, animal, and environmental sectors to find One Health solutions to One Health challenges. 
  1. Promoting responsible medicine use: Support a proactive outlook to the health and welfare of animals, including a responsible approach to disease prevention and the use of veterinary medicines. 
  1. Strengthening UK R&D: Ensure funding for research and development of new medicines and animal health solutions is a priority in the UK. 

NOAH believes that through working together and shared dedication to the issues we care about, we can achieve significant advancements in animal health and welfare. The new government presents an opportunity to build on the progress already made and to implement new, innovative solutions that will benefit animals and society as a whole. 

NOAH looks forward to engaging with the Labour government and other stakeholders from across the political spectrum in the coming months to outline a strategic plan that will realize our shared goals. 

Notes for Editors

  1. For more information, please contact Matthew Gibbard, Public Affairs and Communications Managerat or see 

  2. NOAH represents the UK animal health industry. We promote the benefits of licensed medicines and solutions for the health and welfare of all animals. 

  3. The full manifesto is available for download on our website 

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