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COVID-19 Animal Health Industry Best Practice Guideline

The NOAH Industry Guideline has been developed to demonstrate that NOAH member companies and their staff are following all best practice guidance to keep their teams and customers safe, as they plan and restructure working activities around ongoing and changing Government restrictions. This guideline takes account of best practice advice and complements individual company policies, which include specific company needs. The guideline is designed to provide reassurance to the wider animal health community that NOAH member companies are working with due diligence and following necessary precautions.

Revised version published April 2021

Veterinary medicines supply and COVID-19

Veterinary medicines manufacturers always, as a matter of routine, have detailed business continuity plans and are working hard with suppliers to help ensure veterinary medicines remain available to protect the health and welfare of the UK’s animals.

Practices should maintain appropriate inventory levels and follow safety measures in accordance with applicable Government COVID-19 guidance. If this is undertaken, there should be no need for additional stocks.

NOAH works closely with the Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD), which has well established mechanisms for dealing with supply issues that arise from time-to-time including robust intelligence-led warning systems to detect potential problems at the earliest point possible. In order to address supply issue concerns, the VMD has enhanced its emergency response plan to support the continued supply of veterinary medicines – whatever the cause.

We would also advise animal owners to heed the advice of the veterinary profession: to discuss the timing of any vaccinations with their vet and urge those whose animals are undergoing long term treatment to seek repeat prescriptions in good time from their veterinary practice.

version 14.05.2020

New advice from NOAH and CFSG on keeping our pets healthy and happy during the pandemic

NOAH has worked with the Canine and Feline Sector Group (CFSG) to develop three infographics to help owners ensure their pets stay in the very best of health during these challenging times, where our usual way of life has been affected.

Download copies here: Pet Behaviour AdviceYour Pet’s HealthYou and Your Vet

See more here (22/10/2020)

COVID-19 and Companion Animal Health & Welfare: Impact and Considerations for the UK

NOAH’s report, ‘COVID-19 and Companion Animal Health & Welfare: Impact and Considerations for the UK’ looks at the impact of COVID-19 on the availability of veterinary services  and the impact this could have on companion animal health and welfare, and suggests actions required to mitigate.


Open Letter on the Value of Animal Agriculture

How livestock is supporting global nutrition, high standards of food safety and public health during the Covid-19 pandemic

View the full letter with signatories, including NOAH (5 June 2020)

COVID-19 – How we are acting

HealthforAnimals(the global animal health association of which NOAH is a member) has produced a short publication outlining the external contribution of our sector to COVID-19 efforts at a global level: Healthfor Animals: COVID-19_How_We_Are_Acting

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