Promotion of animal medicines

Code of Practice for the Promotion of Animal Medicines

As with any industry, marketing animal health products is a key factor in spreading information about their use, as well as promoting sales. All advertising is subject to the rules of the Advertising Standards Authority, but as with human pharmaceuticals animal medicines promotions are regulated. There are special requirements in the Veterinary Medicines Regulations, and an additional industry Code of Practice which is obligatory on all NOAH members and has also been endorsed by several non-member companies.

The Code of Practice was established as a form of self-regulation by the animal health industry in matters relating to product promotion. The Code of Practice Committee is actually older than NOAH itself, dating back to 1974 when NOAH was the Animal Health Register of Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry and the code was called the Veterinary Code of Practice.Code 29 amended image

The Code of Practice Booklet (29th edition) AMENDED

  • Preface
  • Provisions of the Code – Introduction
  • Clauses and Definitions
  • Guidance Notes
  • Rules of Procedure for the Code of Practice Committee
  • Plain Guide to the Code of Practice and Handling Complaints

Any approved changes between the 28th and 29th edition of the Code have been indicated by a vertical line in the right hand margin.

Code of Practice Complaints and Responses

The following templates have been developed to assist companies in the preparation of Code of Practice complaints.

Complaints should be submitted using the CODE OF PRACTICE COMPLAINT FORM which is available online or from when completed they should be emailed to addressed to the Secretary of the Code of Practice Committee.

We have also provided a CODE OF PRACTICE RESPONDENT FORM template.  The Code of Practice Secretary, Nockolds Solicitors, will forward the ‘response’ template directly to the respondent, once all the relevant sections of the complaint have been received and considered. 

Code of Practice Committee meeting dates and deadlines for complaints submissions 2021

  • 30th July 2021 – deadline for Complaint Submissions 9th July
  • 10th September 2021 – deadline for Complaint Submissions 20th August
  • 15th October 2021 – deadline for Complaint Submissions 24th September
  • 3rd December 2021 – deadline for Complaint Submissions 12th November

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